ZeptoLisp Interpreter

What is ZeptoLisp?

ZeptoLisp is a dialect of the lisp language family intended to have only the most basic structures and functions built into the language. Other extra features can be implemented on top of the core language as external libraries. Its small size will make it useful as a scripting language engine embeddable in larger applications.
A simple tutorial is available here .

Current status

Currently version 0.1 is available. It is quite slow, but it works.
You can see an example of a working tic-tac-toe playing script .
Currently implemented features (in no particular order):

  • lexical scoping
  • closures
  • functions treated as first class objects
  • macro system
  • tail recursion optimization
  • looping macros
  • simple C functions interface
  • garbage collection
  • Downloading

    You can obtain ZeptoLisp here .

    Last update: 2008-01-05

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